DSE Regulations - What the Law Says

Ref: More Info-DSE


The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations require employers to identify the workstations, in their undertaking, which incorporate Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and identify which of their employees are users of the equipment. Analysis of those workstations must be undertaken with a view to assessing the health and safety risks to which those users may be exposed.

Employers have a duty to reduce any risks identified and must advise relevant employees of the steps to be taken in reducing those risks, together with information and training on all aspects of health and safety relating to their workstation.

In addition, users of DSE, or those who are about to become users, are entitled to request that their employer provides them with eye and eyesight tests and if such a request is made employers must ensure that a competent person undertakes those tests.

The products in this range help to MINIMISE an employer's exposure to penalties by providing the necessary evidence of compliance with the Regulations.